Occasionally the Conservancy participates in or is made aware of research that is specific to the NBHCP’s “Covered Species.” While the resources listed here are not intended to be comprehensive, they are noteworthy in that they have helped the Conservancy. The listings have either helped memorialize learnings that may be helpful to future managers or provide new information that has guided opinions and strategies that Conservancy management has employed to refine its care of mitigation lands.

Giant garter snake

Integrating growth and capture–mark–recapture models reveals size-dependent survival in an elusive species

Jonathan P. Rose, Glenn D. Wylie, Michael L. Casazza, and Brian J. Halstead

August 2018


Literature Review of Giant Gartersnake (Thamnophis gigas) Biology and Conservation

Open-File Report 2015-1150

U.S. Geological Survey

August 2015

Estimates of Survival Probability from Two Populations of Giant gartersnakes in California’s Great Central Valley

Eric C. Hansen, Rick D. Scherer, Gary C. White, Brett G. Dickson, and Erica Fleishman


December 2015

Relations between Environmental Attributes and Contemporary Occupancy of Threatened Giant gartersnakes

Eric C. Hansen, Rick D. Scherer, Erica Fleishman, Brett G. Dickson, and Dave Krolick

Journal of Herpetology, 51(2):274-283.

April 21, 2017

Defining population structure and genetics signatures of declines in the giant gartersnakes (Thamnophis gigas): implications for conserving threatened species within highly altered landscapes.

Dustin A. Wood, Brian J. Halstead, Michael L. Casazza, Eric C. Hansen, Glenn D. Wylie and Amy G. Vandergast

Conservation Genetics

October 2015

Swainson’s hawk

Space Use by Swainson’s Hawk (Buteo swainsoni) in the Natomas Basin, California

E. Fleishman, J. Anderson, B. G. Dickson, D. Krolick, J. A. Estep, R. L. Anderson, C. S. Elphick, D. S. Dobkin and D. A. Bell


April 7, 2016

Other Reports

Evaluation of Wetland Hydrology in Formerly Irrigated Areas

US Army Corps of Engineers®
Engineer Research and Development Center

Jackob F. Berkowitz, Jason P. Pietroski, and Steven J. Currie

July 2017