Bald eagle 050217(May 2, 2017)  Yes, we’ve had Bald eagles in the Natomas Basin before, but rarely. We know they are seen more often the further north one travels. But sightings this far south, and in the Natomas Basin, are not at all common.

Now, we have numerous photo-documented occurrences of a Bald eagle on Conservancy preserves this year. Is it looking for a nest? Wouldn’t that be great? We are trying to stay clear so we don’t inadvertently disturb it. The photo shown here was taken by Conservancy staff with a telephoto lens.

While the Bald eagle is not one of NBHCP’s Covered Species, the fact that it continues to make regular visits to Conservancy preserves is a reflection of the healthy maturity of the preserves and very likely, nesting and prey opportunities. There is some concern that it could roust Swanson’s hawks from nesting sites. But all in all, we like having diversity on this preserve, and having this majestic animal making regular visits on them is a treat.