nbc161228photopondqoutlet(December 28, 2016) Sometimes we have to do things that aren’t directly for the NBHCP’s Covered Species, but instead, for the humans that look after them.

On an important water control structure that facilitates outflow from one of the Conservancy’s marsh complexes, the original marsh design focused on what was best for the Giant garter snake.

We knew we might make a potential hazard for humans servicing the water control structure as well as biological monitoring teams that frequent the site.
Our solution was the improvement you see on this attached photo. It affords protection against driving or walking into the steep-sided water control structure on the west or the managed marsh complex on the east.

It’s a bit unnerving when you are out on the site in the foggy early morning or at dusk and visibility is restricted. Now, we hope this new structure will keep people safe. So, they can continue to keep Giant garter snakes and other NBHCP Covered Species safe!