Giant Garter Snake

Mother Nature throws curve balls too

On Wednesday, I was on the Conservancy’s Kismat tract with several others, and we were shocked at what we saw. No one could believe it. We saw what we believed to be a large, female giant garter snake. In winter! On a cloudy, chilly day! Speculation is… Continue Reading Mother Nature throws curve balls too

Gives me the creeps

On the Conservancy’s Silva tract preserve, there exists a large concrete slab that served as part of a feeder trough for a now-defunct dairy operation. While burrowing owls come and go, they were often seen spending the season peeping out from undernea… Continue Reading Gives me the creeps

Hedgerow Farms tour.

Native grass update

It was great to get a field tour of some riparian native grass planting ideas from the master, John Anderson at Hedgerow Farms. This afternoon, John was kind enough to give us some recommendations as to what types of grasses and forbs should be planted… Continue Reading Native grass update

Ray Tretheway

The Ray Tretheway Grove

Recently we exposed Sacramento City Councilmember Ray Tretheway to the Ray Tretheway Grove on the Conservancy’s Silva tract preserve. About six years ago, when Ray was on the Conservancy’s Board of Directors, he and I planted two trees on what we call… Continue Reading The Ray Tretheway Grove

Signs of success

The photo nearby was taken by County of Sacramento Certified Wildlife Biologist Roger Jones. It’s of a Swainson’s hawk flying above the Conservancy’s Alleghany 50 tract in the Fisherman’s Lake Reserve Area. Roger says, “…it and one other [Swain… Continue Reading Signs of success

A “three-fer”

Biological monitoring crews advised me today that on the Conservancy’s Kismat tract, one of the traps set there (in order to conduct regular biological monitoring) produced two females and a male giant garter snake. All three in one trap! This is amazi… Continue Reading A “three-fer”

Habitat enhancement sign of success

At least two burrowing owls have moved onto the Conservancy’s Elsie tract. They’re occupying one or more burrows in a ditch enhancement project we constructed there last summer. The enhancement effort involved taking 4,000 cubic yards of soil from the… Continue Reading Habitat enhancement sign of success

Still more “soft path” solution experiments

Mindful of the need to work constructively with the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District (did you see that the Conservancy won the District’s “Ecological Mosquito Management Award” for 2007 for “innovative mosquito reductio… Continue Reading Still more “soft path” solution experiments

Recent storm challenging

The January and February wind and rain storms have been a real challenge. As the attached photos show, two of the Conservancy’s barns took some very serious roof damage. Water leaked through the big barn on the Silva tract, and fell on to a nice stack… Continue Reading Recent storm challenging

Amazing find on Conservancy preserves

On September 6, 2007, I personally saw 11 Sandhill cranes (Grus canadensis) on the Kismat tract in the Conservancy’s Central Basin Reserve Area. This is the first time these birds, some having wing spans of 80 inches, have been seen on Conservancy pres… Continue Reading Amazing find on Conservancy preserves

2007 channel maintenance program at Lucich North completed

It is with some great pleasure that I record that the large marsh complex channel-clearing project for 2007 has been completed as of September 10, 2007. This project primarily consisted of the Lucich North and Frazer North tracts along the Natomas Cros… Continue Reading 2007 channel maintenance program at Lucich North completed

Polywire Pollyanna

The team that keeps grass height to levels appropriate for Swainson’s hawk foraging (these raptors need to see and be able to access prey, and taller vegetation constrains both) run on four legs and weigh about 40 pounds. Their work to control vegetati… Continue Reading Polywire Pollyanna

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