Love it when a plan comes together!

The Conservancy’s biological effectiveness monitoring team just notified us that two amazing things happened on one of the Conservancy’s preserves. Two of the NBHCP’s “covered species” have been found nesting in places we had not seen before. Fi… Continue Reading Love it when a plan comes together!

Makes it all worthwhile

On the Conservancy’s Betts tract preserve, there is a residence rented to the Widdowsons. Both are world-class biologists and do an amazing job of spotting valuable wildlife biology events and activities at the preserve. Recently, they found an injured… Continue Reading Makes it all worthwhile

Collaborative Relationship Pays Off

The bad news is that the Mosquito District just called and said it was going to spray pyrethrin insecticide on the Conservancy’s BKS preserve tonight. We normally don’t like this, as insects on the preserve serve as food for some of the NBHCP’s covered… Continue Reading Collaborative Relationship Pays Off

Shock and Awe, Part II

Last week on the Conservancy’s Silva tract, a Golden Eagle was seen taking a rabbit, not far from several Conservancy field crew. While the Golden Eagle is not one of the NBHCP’s “covered species,” it is pretty rare in this region. It is a very… Continue Reading Shock and Awe, Part II

Shock and Awe

This morning at the Natomas Farms marsh complex, Dominic Bruno and I saw a long march of river otters cross the all-weather interior service road and into the marsh itself. We were amazed at the size and number of the critters, but the sighting was omi… Continue Reading Shock and Awe

Silva Tract Well

When we learned the groundwater well on the Silva tract failed, we only thought the pump motor was old and needed replacing. Since the well provides flushing water for certain of the marsh complexes on the Silva tract, it is not a problem that it is of… Continue Reading Silva Tract Well

Pesky Varmits

Confounded yet again by beavers plying the water of the Kismat tract. They actually hauled off the 2 x 4 lumber used to back up water in the “double flashboard risers” in what is called Water Control Structure K at the site. Moreover, they destroyed tw… Continue Reading Pesky Varmits

New Technique Used for GGS Identification

Giant garter snake (GGS) biologist Eric Hansen reported three days ago that in his regular monitoring of GGS on Conservancy preserves, he found a large female in the heart of the Conservancy’s Silva tract. The beauty was found in an area where Eric has… Continue Reading New Technique Used for GGS Identification

Preserve Consolidation Initiative and Reasons for it

Conservancy Board member Mike Bradbury recently made an impassioned plea before the Sacramento City Council, urging the largest of buffers between Swainson’s hawk nesting trees and proposed urbanization. He described human intervention and activities a… Continue Reading Preserve Consolidation Initiative and Reasons for it


The theory behind the Conservancy’s efforts is essentially to provide sanctuary to the NBHCP’s “covered species.” That is, after being displaced by urbanization, these plants and wildlife have a protected place to live and grow. My worst days are when… Continue Reading Sanctuary

It really, really works.

These are my favorite emails, this one from Dominic Bruno, who is the land management supervisor on Conservancy marsh complexes: John, On Thursday April 7, 2005 while mowing weeds at Cummings three Swainson’s hawks foraged over the area from 12:30 to a… Continue Reading It really, really works.

Burn Out

The well at Lucich North fried itself. After asking our field services people to freshen up the marshes at Lucich North, I was aware we didn’t have surface water available, since the Natomas Water Company has shut down water service for the winter. I k… Continue Reading Burn Out

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