Rata de agua

These little guys–muskrats—are both a headache and are essential to productive Giant garter snake habitat. This photo was just taken on the Conservancy’s flagship BKS preserve. I say “headache” because they are constantly creating burrows in water con… Continue Reading Rata de agua

Collaboration elaboration

(April 1, 2016)  The Natomas Basin HCP requires that the Conservancy collaborate with other scientific entities to promote understanding about issues relevant to the implementation of the HCP. In this case, the Conservancy has cooperated with the U.S.… Continue Reading Collaboration elaboration

Minky way

There are some times when Conservancy field personnel get photos of various creatures on the preserves that are just too good not to share. While we focus on the NBHCP’s 22 “Covered Species,” if we are successful in creating and managing habitat, other… Continue Reading Minky way

Friday the 13th

We’re told that Red-tailed hawks bring good luck. So on this Friday the 13th, it is with great pleasure that the Conservancy shares with you this beauty, captured on the Conservancy’s preserves. While not one of the 22 “Covered Species” in the NBHCP,… Continue Reading Friday the 13th

Autumn’s bees and the butterflies

If you look for it, there is color everywhere this time of year. As is abundantly evident from the photos associated with this post, there not only color, but abundant color. This is most appreciated, one has to assume, by the bees and butterflies. At… Continue Reading Autumn’s bees and the butterflies

Big wheels keep on turning

Each year at rice harvest time, it never ceases to amaze me just how huge the harvesting equipment is. When standing next to a rice harvester, a human basically looks minuscule in comparison. The ground actually shakes as the equipment lumbers by as it… Continue Reading Big wheels keep on turning

Nice kite

Sometimes there is no better reason to post on this blog other than having the opportunity to document some very beautiful creatures using the Conservancy’s preserves. Today, Conservancy field crew staff got an excellent photo of a passing white-tailed… Continue Reading Nice kite

Food production and GGS habitat resources on reclaimed land

In far northern portions of the Natomas Basin, the Conservancy is producing food for humans and at the same time is providing habitat resources for the Giant garter snake. The property shown in the adjacent photo was soil mined for the recent Natomas L… Continue Reading Food production and GGS habitat resources on reclaimed land

Hawk walk

This is a delightful series of photos of a hawk on the Conservancy’s BKS tract. It’s rare to see a hawk on a road like this, but clearly this one likes the Conservancy’s preserves…even the road.


Conservancy construction work this summer has been pretty minimal. But in cooperation with the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (SAFCA), the Conservancy is facilitating the installation of a bypass pipeline on the Conservancy’s Natomas Farms tract.… Continue Reading Plumbing

Ebony and Ivory

This photo, taken on the Conservancy’s Betts tract, shows active use by the White-faced ibis. The darker of the two species seen in the photo here is the White-faced ibis, and it is one of the NBHCP’s “Covered Species.” Over the years, we have n… Continue Reading Ebony and Ivory

It’s the trend…

When I saw the adjacent chart, I realized that what we are doing here at the Conservancy is essential. I like to quote California’s original Giant garter snake expert, George Hansen, who said many years ago: “If you want to know where Giant garte… Continue Reading It’s the trend…

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