Published and not perished

Attached with this post is notification and reference to an article brief published in Herpetological Review 44(1), 2013 regarding movement of a Giant Garter Snake in the Natomas Basin (see “Thamnophis Gigas (Giant Gartersnake) Movement”). What… Continue Reading Published and not perished

Audubon Report

Counting crows (and other birds)

It’s always a pleasure to have a group of Audubon Society folks help the Conservancy with bird counts. This year, the group was smaller than normal, but the weather conditions were not conducive to a pleasant outing for birders. The issue was the wind.… Continue Reading Counting crows (and other birds)

Giant Garter Snake

November surprise

Rarely do we see Giant Garter Snakes this time of year. “Hibernating” is the word usually used to describe them these days. But it is in the upper 70s today temperature-wise, and surprise of all surprises, today I saw a beautiful specimen of this… Continue Reading November surprise

One of the Conservancy's most productive Swainson's hawk foraging properties.

Pumpkin eaters

The photo associated with this post shows one of the Conservancy’s most productive Swainson’s hawk foraging properties. Usually, it is in alfalfa, one of the favored crops for the hawks. But after years in alfalfa production, the soil on this tract nee… Continue Reading Pumpkin eaters

Reap what you sow…then lose it.

People are amazed when we tell them of the things that occasionally happen on Conservancy property. Some are astonished by what we tell them. Rarely, we get photos of some of the craziness, and in this instance, we have several photos, one of which is… Continue Reading Reap what you sow…then lose it.

Testing, testing, testing

The NBHCP encourages the Conservancy to conduct experiments on Conservancy mitigation land that could lead to benefits for the NBHCP’s Covered Species. We are gratified that experimentation being conducted on Conservancy preserves with rice is working… Continue Reading Testing, testing, testing

Barn Owl.

Owl eyes

When inspecting construction work on the Conservancy’s Silva tract yesterday, I kept noticing being noticed. And when I moved, it moved. Curious George? I don’t know a good name for this little guy (see attached photos), but the curiosity content was v… Continue Reading Owl eyes

Photo series getting primed for release

The Conservancy is just about to release an exciting series of educational photographs, all taken on Conservancy preserves. Each photo was taken on a Conservancy preserve by the noted landscape photographer Gerry Tsuruda, and all photos are done in lar… Continue Reading Photo series getting primed for release

A mature female giant garter snake found by the Conservancy construction contractors on the Silva tract Pond Q marsh reconstruction project.

There’s a snake lurking in the grass.

The ancient Roman poet Virgil’s line that “there is a snake lurking in the grass” likely didn’t anticipate that there were snakes that we find important and needing protection. So here is a photo of a mature female giant garter snake found by the Conse… Continue Reading There’s a snake lurking in the grass.

BKS Tract North Course Channel Clearing Project, Phase 3

Movin’ dirt

Officially called the “BKS Tract North Course Channel Clearing Project, Phase 3,” you can see from the photo here that the Conservancy is moving a lot of dirt these days. It’s not uncommon for us to move 30,000 cubic yards or more of soil on these proj… Continue Reading Movin’ dirt

Preserve neighbors briefed by Conservancy leaders

Conservancy Board President David Christophel and Board Vice President Mike Bradbury delivered an orientation to the resident of the Four Seasons at Westshore in early May. Christophel and Bradbury, who both serve as volunteers on the Conservancy’s Boa… Continue Reading Preserve neighbors briefed by Conservancy leaders

Swainson's Hawk

Swainson’s Hawk season

Drive just about anywhere in the Natomas Basin during the spring season and you are frequently able to see Swainson’s Hawk soaring overhead. One of the most often-asked questions of the Conservancy is one of Swainson Hawk identification. Over the past… Continue Reading Swainson’s Hawk season

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