Cactus blossoms on the Conservancy's Silva tract.

Who says there is no color this time of year?

See the adjacent photo of cactus blossoms on the Conservancy’s Silva tract, right next to the gate. For some reason, there is exception color on this very old cactus plant on the preserve this year. I’ve heard people say that there is nothing but green… Continue Reading Who says there is no color this time of year?

Banking of a different kind

There is a national conference of mitigation banking officials being held in Sacramento at present. Not “bank” as in financial institution. Rather, this is the profession of individuals who secure land in advance of mitigation need, modify it appropria… Continue Reading Banking of a different kind

Rice water costs on Conservancy lands 2000-2012

Water watching

NBC120427graphwatercostsThe Conservancy is served well by the Natomas Central Mutual Water Company. In fact, because share ownership of the mutual company is attached to the land, the Conservancy finds itself an 11 percent owner of the company. Mutuals… Continue Reading Water watching

A red fox roaming around on the preserve.

Red Fox. Not the comedian, the real thing.

A person whose property borders one of the Conservancy’s preserves kept telling me that there was a red fox roaming around on the preserve. I was a little disbelieving, but this is a wonderful neighbor. Supportive of the Conservancy and its mission. I… Continue Reading Red Fox. Not the comedian, the real thing.

Rices, prices, crisis

Many are unaware that the Conservancy is required to produce a rice crop on 50 percent of the mitigation land it is responsible for. Scientists have long known that the giant garter snake, one of the primary species covered under the NBHCP, thrives in… Continue Reading Rices, prices, crisis

White-faced ibis foraging on the Conservancy's Bennett South tract in a rice field.

White-faced ibis makes a rare mid-Winter showing

The Conservancy now has lots of white-faced ibis on Conservancy preserves. But not so, really, in the winter. At least until now. When on an inspection tour recently, I spotted this white-faced ibis foraging on the Conservancy’s Bennett South tract in… Continue Reading White-faced ibis makes a rare mid-Winter showing

Ever-changing ERM Risk Chart

Tiny bubbles (with large impacts)

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been asked to speak to various habitat land management groups. The total number of people in these audiences totaled somewhere in the 300+ range. The topic I was asked to speak on revolved around the implementation… Continue Reading Tiny bubbles (with large impacts)

A scene on the Conservancy's North Basin Reserve Area in Sutter County.

It’s not just habitat for animals

Looking at the adjacent photo, you might see a lot of things I don’t. As a habitat land manager, and one charged with keeping things safe, I saw something you might not. When I happened on this scene on the Conservancy’s North Basin Reserve Area in Sut… Continue Reading It’s not just habitat for animals

International Relations and “Shop Talk”

Along with a multidisciplinary team from the California Department of Fish and Game, we toured several of the Conservancy’s preserves with Professor Yukihiro Morimoto, Ph.D with the University of Kyoto in Japan. He is a professor of Landscape Ecology a… Continue Reading International Relations and “Shop Talk”


Pretty as a button

These button-willows (also called Buttonbush, Honey-bells) have a scientific name of Cephalanthus occidentalis. But my it is pretty (see the photo I took this weekend at the Conservancy’s Silva tract). At first, I thought they might be just another dec… Continue Reading Pretty as a button


The Conservancy’s preserves have now been infested by smutgrass (Sporobolus indicus). This is going to be very difficult to get rid of, and maybe impossible. According to Cal-IPS News (Winter 2010), one smutgrass plant can produce 45,000 seeds per year… Continue Reading Smut

Field trip to the Conservancy's Silva tract.

Field trip

In cooperation with the Friends of the Swainson’s Hawk and Sacramento chapter of the Audubon Society, the Conservancy hosted an on-site visit and tour with 47 wildlife lovers recently. The group, under the direction of Frank Gray, toured the Conservanc… Continue Reading Field trip

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