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Jedi Mind Meld

If you were to gaze into the eyes of the Great horned owl (Bubo virginianus) very long, you might be a victim of the old Jedi Mind Meld. This Great horned owl chick, born Spring 2020 on the Conservancy’s flagship BKS Preserve, could place a gaze on you… Continue Reading Jedi Mind Meld

Lunch Time

Red shoulder hawk with prey.

The great paradox of restoration ecology, and the work that the Conservancy does, is that the refuges and sanctuaries we design, build and manage are created for the benefit of wildlife. The theory is that as wildlife is displaced by urbanization, they… Continue Reading Lunch Time

It happens.

Here we have a Red-tail hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) taking an American coot (Fulica americana) off the Conservancy’s flagship reserve, the BKS Tract. There are times when one hates to see this, and then there is the realization that if it’s not happening,… Continue Reading It happens.

High wire act

On the Conservancy’s flagship preserve, a couple of daredevil raccoons have scaled and occupied a lookout post that looks a little dangerous to us. Are they sentries for others? Afraid of an “alpha” in their tribe? Banished from their tribe? Or just pl… Continue Reading High wire act


In this photo, we show the perfect situation for water’s edge vegetation management. The photo, taken today on the Conservancy’s flagship preserve, shows goats grazing on bankside vegetation. Why I said “perfect” in the lead for this post has to do wit… Continue Reading Chewy

A remarkable find

(May 9, 2019) Species covered by the Natomas Basin Habitat Conservation Plan (NBHCP) such as the Giant garter snake were abundant in 2018. In this instance, four Giant garter snakes (Thamnophis gigas) were spotted in rocked spillway on a Conservancy ma… Continue Reading A remarkable find

In suspension

View an enlarged image of a Giant garter snake

(April 26, 2019) Giant garter snakes are known to be elusive. They never “pose” for a photo. They are “escape artists,” especially when approached. The photos we most often see of them are taken as they are swimming away in a marsh or wetland, quickly… Continue Reading In suspension

The plan comes together!


(April 18, 2019) Discovery of the year: Swainson’s hawk nest found in a Conservancy-planted tree complex! In 2003, the Conservancy planted 30 cottonwood trees on one of its interior Natomas Basin preserves, hoping that at least 15 would survive and end… Continue Reading The plan comes together!

The Governah says so

(May 21, 2018) Cal-IPC’s Spring 2018 magazine (“Dispatch”) revealed a list from the Western Governor’s Association that caught our eye. Listed as the number one worst invasive species by the Western Governor’s Association in the category of aquatics is… Continue Reading The Governah says so

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