View an enlarged image of a Giant garter snake(April 26, 2019) Giant garter snakes are known to be elusive. They never “pose” for a photo. They are “escape artists,” especially when approached. The photos we most often see of them are taken as they are swimming away in a marsh or wetland, quickly disappearing out of view.

Even more rare, we see Giant garter snakes blended in a tule thicket. They blend in pretty nicely in shape and color so even when they are there, they are hard to see. And when they feel the need to evade the heights of a cluster of tule, their escape is most often an artful drop into the below. Gravity essential does much of the escape work for them in such cases. In this photo, we see a Giant garter snake working its way through one of the Conservancy’s marsh complexes high up into a thicket of tule.

Maybe this cold-blooded animal is trying to warm up its blood so that it can move faster and further. Maybe it has a need to solarize its skin for dermatology health. Maybe it is elevated in an attempt to get a viewing vantage point. Whatever the reason, this individual couldn’t escape the quick trigger-finger of our Conservancy staff member and his camera. Busted! Here is a rare photo of an important part of the Giant garter snake’s life. It is officially photo-documented.

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