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Bald is Beautiful

Yes, we’ve had Bald eagles in the Natomas Basin before, but rarely. We know they are seen more often the further north one travels. But sightings this far south, and in the Natomas Basin, are not at all common. Now, we have numerous photo-documented oc …

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Aeronautical engineers: take note

Regarding this photo, taken this morning on the Conservancy’s flagship preserve (“BKS”), we have a question.  Or maybe what we have is simple wonderment. That is, why aren’t more aircraft designed this way? I mean with wings elevated significantly high …

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They’re Back!!!

(March 8, 2017)  Those cute little Burrowing owls. Over the years, I’ve posted on this blog on a couple of occasions that I am often asked which is my favorite of all the NBHCP’s Covered Species. My first thought when responding to this question is the …

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Stand and salute

(March 8, 2017)  Okay, it’s America’s national bird, the Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus).  Since the beginning of the Conservancy’s nearly 20-year life, this is the first time we’ve gotten a photograph of a Bald eagle on the Conservancy’s Sacrame …

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Guilty of both charges

(December 28, 2016)  The red-tail hawks appear to be jockeying for a prized position on the Conservancy’s sign. We never knew just how valued a perching spot on the Conservancy’s sign was. And this is in the middle of winter!

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Safety first

(December 28, 2016) Sometimes we have to do things that aren’t directly for the NBHCP’s Covered Species, but instead, for the humans that look after them. On an important water control structure that facilitates outflow from one of the Conservancy’s ma …

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Quit looking at me!

(December 16, 2016) This great horned owl, resting in the rafters on one of the Conservancy’s barns, doesn’t like our intrusion. But this is a working barn it’s in, after all, and we think great horned owls are pretty good at fending for themselves. It …

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Hey you!!!

(December 1, 2016) Owl Eyes (okay, a Burrowing owl, one of the NBHCP’s “Covered Species”) decides to winter on the Conservancy preserves. A rare treat, and a treat we are so thankful for. The Conservancy spent thousands of dollars embellishing a highli …

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( October 20, 2016)  Featured with this post is probably one of the last good photos of a Giant garter snake for the year. As the cooler weather sets in, these cold-blooded animals will be going into “brumation.” Brumation is the word biologists use to …

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Pick a pepper

(October 5, 2016) It may seem strange that peppers are grown on some of the Conservancy’s mitigation ground (see photo). But there is a reason. First is that the ground these papers were planted on normally supports alfalfa. And alfalfa is the preferre …

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