Great horned owl(December 16, 2016) This great horned owl, resting in the rafters on one of the Conservancy’s barns, doesn’t like our intrusion. But this is a working barn it’s in, after all, and we think great horned owls are pretty good at fending for themselves.

It amazes me that the pair of owls that lives in this barn seems happy and healthy. My goodness. It’s winter, and one wonders how much prey is available to them. On the plus side, when the weather warms up, they will be the first to take over this segment of the preserves, and as always, will dominate. We’ve seen them unnerve other raptors to the point where no other raptor will nest in the vicinity, including our beloved Swanson’s hawks.

But this is nature. This is how it works. And this guy seems pretty happy.